What some of our Clients say about us.

The three major building programs ... have run smoothly and resulted in beautiful buildings for our students, staff and community.
I would find it difficult to work with another architect having been fortunate enough to be guided by Sandy in trouble-free building over the past nine years.
— Margaret O'Donnell, Principal, St. Gregory the Great, Doncaster
Law Architects were very much in synch with what we were trying to achieve and in fact assisted us with many ideas they had to enhance learning in a sustainable environment.
The design features of the buildings took this into account and the design of the outside areas were just as important. The school has won many awards in the 4 1/2 years since opening. The building design, the features within the buildings as well as the outside areas work extremely well for our community. Because of the environment created it is a very peaceful school with engaged students and staff.
There are many school groups and industry professionals who come to see what we have achieved.
This school is certainly a Lighthouse school in sustainability because of the commitment of the school community to this ideal, which was brought to life by Law Architects. We could not be more pleased with the end result.
— Marie Slattery, Principal, St. Macartans Primary School, Mornington
Innovative, creative and practical, Law Architects work closely with the key stakeholders of the project to design spaces that support the delivery of programs that require collaboration, inquiry, co-operative learning and opportunities for independent work...I have witnessed a deep understanding of educational philosophy within a contemporary learning framework through the design of new and renovated learning spaces... confident to challenge, learn and contribute to the educational dialogue in a transformative and optimistic way is the richness offered by Sandy Law and Associates.
— Deborah Barker, Principal, Santa Maria College, Northcote
She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to all discussions related to twenty-first century learning and teaching methodology and takes a personal as well as a professional interest in relating well to current and future thinking for education. She engaged with enthusiasm and diligence with every aspect of the design and construction and offered great suggestions and /or solutions to any challenges we met along the way.
— Pauline Audley, Principal, St.Therese Primary School, Torquay
You (Law Architects) came fresh to over twelve meetings involving more than twenty diverse groups to hear and take note of their hopes and considerations for the project. Your ability to facilitate open and effective communication among key personnel in the appropriate settings; as well as clearly summarising the findings of each Workshop; and then translating the emerging Vision into a Masterplan is a legacy that gives greatest strength to our process of implementation of the
— Fr. David Tremble, Parish Priest, St. Benedict’s Parish, Burwood
With Sandy, we set up a project called ‘Annie’s yard’, a project which promoted the use of unwanted ‘junk/treasures’ for the children to incorporate in their play.....Sandy’s insight and incentive has instilled in us early childhood educators a sense of creativity, versatility, a love and appreciation of ‘junk’ and a continued focus for us to create natural environments that steer away from fixed, plastic mass produced equipment.
This incentive continues successfully to this day and has evolved over time to become part of our day to day philosophy.
We have Sandy’s passion, perseverance and vision and thank her enormously for initiating this inspirational project
— Lara Di Benedetto, Director, Annie Dennis Children’s Centre
Sandy delivered a completely professional service, displaying endless patience and understanding throughout so many revisions and detours (on our part) until we finally had what we wanted. We can honestly say that the choice of architects was the most crucial decision we made in the entire building project and we are so grateful that we made the correct choice.
— Gary Casey, Business Manager, formerly of Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill