Our approach

We believe we must design buildings that, once built, will then grow. This growth is in the discovery of different uses via purposeful flexibility, and in the evolving landscape in which they are placed. We also believe that good design sustains community, and generates a psychological ownership and care for a place’s condition and use.  We have delivered flexible, enriching, sustainable, human and functional places that work with, rather than against, their users.

We take a collaborative and integrated approach that streamlines the design & build process and minimises headaches for our Clients. We often involve Academics and research based inputs into our process. We often start with a well developed stakeholder engagement process that not only clarifies the brief, but minimises resistance to change and maximises enfranchisement and ownership of what is delivered.

Master Planning

While many Architects can provide great building designs, most of the value is created or destroyed at Master Planning. Today's obvious solution may later compromise amenity and put opportunities out of financial reach. We have a demonstrable expertise in both Feasibility and Strategic Master Planning. We first understand or help to clarify a Client's Vision and Objectives. We can articulate a future state mindful of markets, demographics, stakeholders, operating contexts and financial capacity. Our Master Plans are easy to understand road maps that optimise the use of assets for maximum effect.

A little about us

We are a medium sized Architecture practice based in inner Melbourne and continue the decades long success of the parent company from which we evolved – Graeme Law and Associates.

We deliver a full scope of services. Our Client list spans many sectors and facility types, including education, administration, early learning, retirement, aged care,  performing arts, residential, sacred spaces and others. We have successfully delivered projects for institutions, schools, government departments, and commercial organisations.

Our team consists of individuals highly regarded in their specialty.  Ranging from their 20’s to their X0’s (we're not telling), our team balances innovation that is based on the latest subject-area research with hard-won real world experience.

Besides general and community focused architecture, over years we have also developed a deep understanding of pedagogical and andragogical intent, so that now we are a group of educational specialist architects and interior architects.


Our Director

Sandy Law

  • RMIT Bachelor of Architecture 1990

  • Ex-Chair CEFPI Vic (Council of Educational Facility Planners International, now A4LE - Association for Learning Environmnets)

  • Council member of CEFPI Australasia Region

  • CEFPI International Awards Judge

  • AIA A+ & ACA Member

Sandy supplies Director involvement and accountability to all projects – from pre-design to post-contractual stages. She is recognised and active in the profession.  She recognises that the success of a project derives from how well it aligns with the strategic intent of the organisation, and how well it responds to the underlying values and philosophy that underpin its intended use.
Her focus is on  drawing out the potential of a space to freely enable its program of intended uses, integrating architecture, interior design and landscape.
Her creative thinking and ability to stimulate and lead stakeholder discussions have become invaluable - both in fully clarifying the brief, and later informing the communication for the Change Management so often necessary for overall success.

members of the team